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So you’ve read ‘The Red Sands of Hattah’?  You should now be ready to read ‘Injustice’

You may be like one reader of my book who wrote “I have just finished reading your incredible book. What an eye opener – I had no idea!! I have shed a lot of tears – but so interesting and informative”.

Or, you may be like one critic who, because I have not provided specific references for my personal experiences, has chosen to deny the facts and figures presented in my novel (please see Samples).  

Either way, if you have read ‘The Red Sands of Hattah’, you should be ready to read the brilliant exposé by investigative journalist and cultural historian Maria Taylor.

‘Injustice’ is an exceptionally well researched and brilliantly referenced documentary of how Australians have come to be the world’s worst conservationists.  Whether we are talking extinction rates, habitat destruction, per capita contribution to global warming, or misusers of basic resources such as water…  we, Australians, take all the gold medals.  This is not because most of us don’t care.  Rather, this is because we have been misinformed and continue to unwittingly support an exploitive colonial culture as strong today as it was 200 years ago.  The greedy interests of a few has always dominated and continues to dominate political decisions on virtually everything to do with the environment.  And most of us are blissfully unaware of the deals made behind closed doors by those in power.

Before reading ‘Injustice’, I thought I was reasonably well informed.  However, Maria Taylor has provided horrible information that was quite new to me. 

But, Maria Taylor has also helped me join the dots on how and why we have gotten it so wrong when it comes to conservation in this country.  In particular, ‘Injustice’ explains how and why we have gotten wildlife conservation so wrong.

Whether you found my book enlightening or challenging, ‘Injustice’ will open your eyes further. If enough people read Injustice, I trust we can still turn the tide.

Please check out Maria’s website.