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Other Books

I have been told that other titles to my name should provide a little extra credibility. Unfortunately, most of my books are long out of date and well out of print.

Some books, however, will never date. ‘Bred to Be Wild’, a diary of naturalist Des Hackett, is one such book. How he became the first person to breed the endangered Leadbeater’s Possum, and then how he had to fight wildlife authorities to release his captive bred animals is now history.
Also self-published, ‘Bred to Be Wild’ is still available via

So here in is a plug for self-publishing. Mainstream publishing houses may take on a project and pay well so long as a book sells. But, by economic necessity, they are also quick to drop books too. When self-publishing via a reputable mob like Trafford Publishing or the Australian Self-Publishing Group, a project’s life expectancy is more up to the author.
Given ‘The Red Sands of Hattah’ is also historically accurate, it will be relevant long into the future. Unfortunately, I am quite sure that our children’s children will ask how the events described in ‘The Red Sands of Hattah’ were ever allowed to happen.